2/3: Add the option to hide the Form & "Details" tab?

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I was wondering if there is a way to hide "Details" Tab?
There are occasions when I don't need the details

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Interesting request.  Could you give me some details describing the scenario were you don't need and want the details?
I have built a query which consist of multiple tables to get desired view. Then based on that query, I have created a new table:

The top part is the information I need to display to the user. All of this could be edited from their respective tables. I would rather have Details tab to be hidden in this case to allow more items to display on the page.
I extended your feature request because now with Grid Editing, there is a further reason to do away with the form and "details" tab.

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Insert: With the TableOnly layout now enabled, this feature now focuses on the need to support the creation of New Records from the Table Only view.

NOTE: Please vote on this Feature Request if it interests you.

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Has this feature been added? Expense Reporter Todo List on the demo site appears to have the form hidden. Edit: : "A combination of dbFront layout and CSS is used to format the Todo List and hide the form." I guess that means it's not officially added yet?
Good catch!  I accomplished that using CSS and by hiding the form fields but I am working on a better solution at the moment.   You can easily see how it is done by examining the demo site.
Understood, thanks!
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As of dbFront, dbFront allows you to select the Layout of TableOnly. This will remove the Form but leave the action buttons. This is designed to work in conjunction with Grid Editing.

This does not completely satisfy this feature request since you will need to disable the insert privilege. This is needed because the Grid Editing functionality does not yet include the ability to insert new records. A complete solution is on the way.

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