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I have a need to hide the field based on another field value. In other words, If I have Column/ Field called WOL, and if is set to "True", I would like to be able to show field WOL PORT. Otherwise, if set to False or Blank, I would like to hide the field WOL PORT. Is this possible?

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That functionality exists in your current version of dbFront. Look at the visibility tab on that field's preferences for instructions. It will direct you to create a Layout Group.

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Somehow I missed that thank you for the info... However, It looks like this is only working if I select "Saved(At Server)". If I select as "Dynamic(In Browser)", the field/ Layout stays hidden which defeats the purpose. I want to be able to select all at once, unhide restricted fields to make other selections/ inputs and save to the DB. Here is the screenshot if "Saved(At Server)" is selected: Here is the screenshot if "Dynamic(In Browser)" is selected:
Please use the values Y or 1 for the true value.   More documentation and validation to come.
Awesome... That worked perfectly
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