How to hide field preference (Gear icon)?

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I have created user with limited access to the DB/ with "Select" permission

But the gear icon (Field preference) still showing up. How do I remove access to them?

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The visibility of the gear icon is not related to the table security. A user can have read-only access to a table or database and still be an administrator for that dbFront application.

To create non-admin users you would need to add them as regular users to your application. For more details see: Windows Authentication.

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Thank you for the info
Sounds good... I might need some more help on this/ perhaps new topic since I can't login from dbfront with different login credential aside from my Admin. I have followed direction and created connection access using "Database Authentication" alongside with Validate Procedure mentioned here "". Now on the dbfront login page, under directory, I can select the new access I created from the drop-down menu but I can not authenticate the user (using the same user as mentioned in this post above which I am able to connect to using SQL Server Managed Studio). I wonder if "User Domain" has something to do with it since it's required field? Error I am getting is "Login Failed: The username or password is incorrect"
That would definately be another topic...
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