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I have a database in Oracle, developed using Magic uniPaas.

How do I connect a main table to its child:

for example
Person has one or many addresses
Person has one or many phones

Today I have PRN_Person, and ADR_Addresses and COM_Communications,

They each have Person_ID which is the main index of PRN_Person and in ADR and OCM it is the FK as the unique key identifier.

I am searching for a tool to develop a web interface to our application,

Per-Olof Hermansson

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I am unfamiliar with Magic uniPaas but dbFront looks purely at the database to see the relationships. If a Person table has multiple addresses then it expects there to be a database relationship between those two tables. In this case, I would expect a foreign key on the Address table pointing to the Person table.

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I solved it; added PK and FK in Oracle, and it worked!

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