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Hi again, and thanks for speedy reply to my last question!

We have a CRM-system written i Magic UniPaas, with Oracle.

Is dbFront suitable to create a web-interface for end user customers, i.e. so they can log in and change their address, add a phone number, check their invoices etc?

So far I am impressed with dbFront as a tool! After just using it for less than an hour.


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dbFront could definitely be used as you describe but it does depend upon your expectation of your users and the complexity of the application.

dbFront is primarily designed for creating applications for internal users who have higher productivity expectations. These users can be trained to take advantage of dbFront's functionality.

For external users, it becomes important that you disable the advanced functionality like MassUpdates, Custom Reporting, Importing, and Advanced Search, as well as simplifying the exposed data structure to minimize the potential for confusion.

You can also setup dbFront to behave like a single table Wizard and prompt the users for the appropriate information. For more details see: Data Entry Wizard

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