Is there a way to save/ backup dbFront layout and import/ use on another database?

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I have been working on a development database and created dbFront UI Layout to my likings. I would like to use the same UI on my production database without recreating the whole thing. Is there a way to do that?

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The layout and settings can be migrated by using the export/import functionality in dbFront.

This is documented in: Export/Import

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I did that but the UI didn't change to what I have setup on development site. For example, all my tables would show up under "Main" from Database Preference although I have some under the "Child", some in "Lookup" and some are "Hidden". Any type of "Views" would not be selected by default. All the Items are showing up under the "Table Field" and/or "Form Field" as Selected although I have moved some to the "Options". Custom Css Class I added on some of the fields under the layout are missing. Captions are not preserved and so on. Basically, the UI didn't apply to be the same as the one on my development site. It looks like the Default UI from when you connect dbFront the first time to the Database
It is interesting that a second import was required to make it take affect.  I will do some testing on my side to see if I can replicate the issue.
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