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When you say "Enabling Single-Sign-On will disable Windows and Database authentication", is that just in reference to logging in? Can you still use Windows or Database authentication in setting up database connections?

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Enabling Single-Sign-On disables Windows and Database authentication as an authentication option when signing in to dbFront.

When Single-Sign-On is enabled, the user will no longer see any authentication attempts by dbFront. Instead, dbFront will delegate all authentication attempts to the configured Single-Sign-On service.

This has no effect on the process of creating database connections. The database connections are used exclusively to create applications that are made available to users.

The database connections must be made using that specific database server's authentication. Windows or SSO authentication is not applicable at that point.

NOTE: It is possible to bypass SSO but ONLY directly on the server using the URL: [http://localhost/dbFront], This allows administrators to configure the SSO setup.

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