Adding a specific Wizard Interface

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The current ability to create a Wizard interface in dbFront could do with some work. Specifically missing are:

  • a progress meter,
  • automatic Prev / Next buttons,
  • better placed Prev / Next / Finish buttons,
  • support for child tables (conditionally hiding and showing child tables, inline entry)
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It would be nice if we could select many records as input for this wizard, ex. given n products selected, run through a wizard to create an order including these.
@paulo.pcastil, Something similar to this can already be accomplished.  Please see

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Adding enhanced Wizard functionality to dbFront has long been on our todo list.

It is possible to create a data-entry Wizard in dbFront but it requires extra steps and is not as functional as desired.

The biggest missing item is support for child tables.

For instructions on creating a data-entry wizard see: How to create a Wizard for Data-Entry

NOTE: Please vote on this Feature Request if it interests you. Please also add comments indicating what specific wizard-like functionality you find is missing.

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