Excluding local Administrator or Domain Administrator from dbFront Admin Role

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Is there a mechanism to remove the Local and Domain Administrators.
I realize this would be a web.config or some other stored setting and as an Administrator of the machine with some effort someone could add them back, but we have a technician group that is in local administrators group and we want them to access dbFront application as User rather than Administrator.

Security Groups
Admin Group
The name of the local or domain group who's users will have the ability to add or administer all Database Connections.
Local and Domain Administrators will automatically have this privilege.

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There is currently no way to demote Administrative users to regular users.

What you can do is set up a group of dbFront Users and exclude administrative users.

This would force those administrative users to use their regular network account to access dbFront.

This would only work in those environments where Administrative users were given both a regular network account and an administrative account. e.g. "Fred.Stuart" and "Fred.Stuart_admin".

NOTE: Giving Administrators two accounts (Admin, NonAdmin) is a highly recommended best practice.

See: Security Group Setup

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