Including Grandkids in the UI

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Hello Anthony -

A reviewer at Capterra wrote (on May 24 2017):
One problem is that you can only have two level relationships. .....

dbFront responded on June 13 2017
...If you could mock up in a high-level way, how you might see more levels of relationships interacting on the same screen then I can put that request on the road map.

I don't know if the reviewer has written to you yet with a follow-up, and I am still working out how to install dbFront, but I have the exact same concern, and I know what would be "good enough" for me, so I'm putting in my 2cents here

- currently has Main, Child, Lookup, System (Hidden)
- would be: Main, Child, Grandchild, Lookup, System (Hidden)

Description would be the same as you currently have for Child Tables (substituting grandchild for child)

I worked up a mockup, but I don't know how to attach it... I don't have an url, I have a pdf. I can send it to you separately, if you want, but in effect, it just adds a third grid under the 2 that you already have. I'm not sure what the UI is for seeing a single row of the third table, but.... that's as far as I got.

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Hello Robin,

I sent you a private message.

The Manage Tables window is really about telling dbFront how it should distribute your tables in the menu because dbFront can't tell what is important to you in that instance. I manage the form layout differently.

I look forward to your mockup.

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