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Is it possible to add javascript code to field events? for example, onchange event in quantity or price field for calculate the total field = quantity * price values

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At the moment there is no ability to augment the javascript code in dbFront, either via a limited javascript API or by including your own custom javascript.

This is an intentional decision because dbFront is designed primarily for DBAs. In addition, opening a javascript API would make it much harder for me to modify dbFront in the future, for example, if I need to rebuild the web client to use newer technology. This is not an academic problem because there is already pressure to upgrade or replace the UI.

For this reason, my strong preference would be to suggest server-side solutions such as a calculated column or a view field.

If immediate field feedback is required then I can possibly resolve this by automatically sending certain field updates to the database along with a local refresh.

For all of these reasons I am going to skip this feature request. Feel free to comment if you think of reasons why I should pursue this further.

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