Can dbFront load MSSQL Views?

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I am your exact target customer. I'm chomping at the bit to install and get started.... I'm comfortable in MSSQL with tables, views, cursors, triggers and stored procedures, but I've been stymied for YEARS on how to share this info more easily with my colleagues.

Can dbfront recognize and load views from Microsoft SQL?
Either via the table interface (without insert, edit, save buttons, and without the need for child, lookup or system tables)
via reporting?

In many cases, I don't want my cohorts to be able to insert or edit, but I do want them to view info, and accessing a view that I created in SQL would be ideal - as it already has the table relationship legwork done, over many extended tables) and already has the summary totals

Thank you

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dbFront works directly with the real tables because Views by their very nature hide too much structural information.

At the same time, dbFront allows you to JOIN database views to an existing table. This allows you to add extra formatted information to a table that can be used everywhere that a regular field can be used. This is includes, Reports, Exports, Row Security Expressions, Dropdown Columns, everywhere...

For more details see: Table Views

Note: This answer was rewritten to reflect new dbFront functionality.

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