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We would like to use dbFront on a database where the structure of this database can not be changed.
Within this MS SQL db there are two tables whereby one contains an indexed key field and so does the other - containing multiple records with this key field. However, there is no relationship between those tables.
Is there any way, that we can show this parent/child relation in another way in dbFront?

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By design dbFront uses existing database structure to generate its UI. The expectation is that the DBA will have the required access to make the appropriate changes.

At the same time I fully understand your specific use-case and have encounter similar situations with ERP or Financial software packages.

At the moment the solution is to use a table alias or other means to make specific tables available in another schema where changes can be made. This is not ideal.

The proper solution would be to allow users like yourself to add the missing structure information.

NOTE: Please vote on this Feature Request if it interests you.

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We have in fact access to the database to add this - it was more related to the regular updates to the database that might override those changes.
Maybe something to add for future releases as this would probably broaden the use cases for dbfront.
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