AD performance issues when using the "access" button (limit OU selection)

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When using the Connection Access button the number of entries returned causes major lag. Is there a way to limit the OU selection within DBFront. (i.e. OU=ThisOU,CN=Company,DC=com)?

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dbFront allows you to specify the User Container used when querying Active Directory. This setting can be managed via [Help]/[Settings] in the [Authentication] tab. For more details search for "UserContainer" on: Application Service Install

In addition dbFront has the following three settings that can be used to select which users have access to dbFront. These settings allows you to specify the access level of the users returned from your AD.

  • AdminAllGroup: The name of the local or domain group who's users will have the ability to add or administer all Database Connections.
    Local and Domain Administrators will automatically have this

  • AdminMyGroup: The name of the local or domain group who's users will have the ability to add or administer their own Database

  • UserGroup: The group of users who have access to login to dbFront.

For more details please see:

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Hello Anthony,

I'm facing this issue (my company AD contains a lot of groups and users)
Consequence, a click on Access button triggers a huge download from the AD to dbFront server memory (it goes above 1 GB).

I tested your proposal but dbFront still download a lot of data from AD even if AdminAllGroup, AdminMyGroup and UserGroup are set.

@PierreG, Please continue this conversation by opening a support ticket.  Once resolved I will summarize the results for the QA site.
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