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Is there any way that RTF-formatted content in a Text-Field can be properly shown in dbfront? Or is there a workaround available maybe using the regular expression?

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What is the current field type?
We needed to edit data in a varchar(max) field. The data is HTML formatted text that we use to email cybersecurity notifications to staff on a schedule (using a different tool). Being able to make quick updates in a WYSIWYG editor was super convenient. We used the below JS to do it. Added it to the Prompt field off a button. We figured out how to use the built in RTE js library using the following code.

<a href="javascript: $('.RTE_btn').last().hide(); $('.TextEntry').last().cleditor();" class=" RTE_btn">Enable Richtext</a>
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dbFront supports HTML formatted fields but it has no direct support for RTF fields.

One work-around is to convert the field type to VarBinary or Blob. dbFront treats VarBinary or Blob fields as attachments and allows users to download the contents for viewing. When combined with an RTF viewer browser extension, this allows users to view the RTF contents directly in their browser.

NOTE: Please vote on this Feature Request if you want dbFront to include an integrated RTF viewer.

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