Message: Configuration data as old as [###] is waiting to be backed up.

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I just noticed the following message in the System Monitor. What does this mean and what should I do?

Configuration data as old as [8/7/2020] is waiting to be backed up.

Is there a backup I need to configure?

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Knowing how painful it can be to not have backups, dbFront checks its configuration files to verify that they have been backed up.

The Archive bit is a special flag that Windows sets on any new or updated files. Backup software should clear the Archive flag when the file has been backed up.

If dbFront finds configuration files that still have the Archive bit set after 14 days then it leaves a notice under the Server Statistics in the System Monitor letting you know that there are configuration files which have not been backed up.

This can be misleading because some backup software or backup methods don't clear this flag.

If this is a problem then you can create a simple scheduled job to clear the Archive flag. The following shell command will clear all Archive flags in the folders below: [c:\data\dbFront\]

attrib -a /s c:\data\dbFront\*.*
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So there is no built-in backup options. dbFront is just checking if some outside program backed up those files. Correct?
Correct.  There are no built-in automated backup options.
Got it, thanks.
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