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I entered some text on the User Help tab on a field. A question mark icon appeared next to the form field but nothing happens when I click it. I tried changing the Sidebar Help system setting from Disable to Off/On but that had no effect. Am I missing something?

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Field user help appears inside a help bubble just below the field when the user clicks on the help icon.

The logic behind the way that the help is displayed is as follows.

  • Field Help: is displayed after the user clicks on the help icon because hover text is way to distracting when moving through fields. It is especially problematic for Lookup Fields.
  • Action Button Help: is displayed on hover because it avoids needing an extra help icon and the hover help is not so distracting for buttons.
  • Table Help: was designed to be all inclusive and more substantial and so it was placed in the optional sidebar.

All help text can include HTML formatting to allow the help text to stand out.

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Thanks Anthony, so if nothing is happening when I click the field help icon, how can I troubleshoot this?
You can test it out on the demo site to see if you can reproduce the issue.  If not then send me an email at [email protected] with some images of the issue and your settings.   Also the version of dbFront.
It was confirmed that the Help Icon does not work on Lookup fields.  This was fixed in dbFront
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