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Is it possible to have lookup details only appear in the form field/lookup dropdown, and not in the table view? For example, I have an Order Number column that shows Customer Name in the form dropdown. However I don't want the customer name to show in the table, only order number

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If you need multiple display formats for a field then you need to create and attach a view to the table. See: Table Views.

So in your case you can use the existing lookup format in the Form but then add an additional View Only format and use that exclusively in the Table Grid.

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Just tried this, but the field in question (order number) is the key that is joining the view. So it's not appearing in the list of available table fields. Edit: looks like I can trick dbFront by adding the field again in the view and casting it as nvarchar, so it no longer flags it as a duplicate field. But still wondering if there's an easier way.
You are correct, if it is a key field then you would need to duplicate it as a formatted field.
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