Missing Field: A table field won't appear in dbFront.

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I added a field to my database table but it won't appear in dbFront. The rest of the table is working fine.

I have also clicked on the "Refresh" in the Advanced Database view.

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The following are some steps you can take to diagnose the issue of certain fields not appearing.

Step 1. Check the table properties
Open the table properties and ensure the field is not listed in the list of options on the Table or Form tabs. Generally you need to explicitly select a field for it to show up in dbFront.

Step 2. Refresh the structure
If the field is missing then the next step is to click on the Refresh button as you have already done. This should reload the database structure.

Step 3. Review the Logs
If the field still does not appear then you need to review the dbFront logs and search for the missing field name.

Open [Help] / [Log Viewer] and enter the missing field name in the second search box.

The fieldname should be logged along with a clear reason why it has been rejected.

Missing Field Reasons

The following is a partial list of reasons why a field might be excluded by dbFront:

  • Field name contains a single quote: Single quotes ( ' ) are core SQL delimiters. Allowing apostrophes in field names would make it much harder to scan for dangerous SQL so dbFront simply rejects them. Please rename the field.

  • Unsupported field types: There are some advanced field types that dbFront does not yet support. If you need dbFront to support these types then please consider funding their support.

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