Show a view that is not attached to a table

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I'm trying to create a way to have a view visible so a certain set of users can see what data needs to be added into a lookup field along with other associated data. So there is no PK to be linked, just need to have what is missing. One thing I'm trying is to have the view returned as a stored procedure table, but I'm getting an error that the SP doesn't exist. This is running under my admin profile so permissions should be an issue, I don't think.
Procedure is called P_Show_vw_Surveys_NewStudent_Band if that helps.

Any suggestions would be helpful.

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A short Zoom meeting and we got to a solution.

Rather than displaying a view of records with missing data, the query behind the view was used to populate a work table that was filtered to only show outstanding items.

This gave users the ability to easily find and directly correct the records with the missing data.

Problem solved.

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