How do I install software on client machines on Pro version

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I'm buying the pro version which says 100 users can connect to the application. If I have the SQL database installed on the server along with dbfront do I have to install a new DBfront on each client system and if so how do I do that if each install comes with a different server ID. I think my question is how do I connect the client machines to the DBfront installed on the server?

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dbFront is a web application. This means that your clients should be able to access dbFront by simply browsing to your server. No additional installation or licensing is required.

1) http://localhost/dbFront

While running locally on your server you can use the URL http://localhost/dbFront, but this URL only works when you are running directly on the hosting server.

2) http://%YourServerName%/dbFront

Your local network clients would connect by browsing to your server using the URL http://**%YourServerName%**/dbFront, where the value %YourServerName% would be replaced with the name of the hosting server or workstation.

This of course assumes that there is a network connection between your server and your clients.

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