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It would be nice if one could select multiple rows on a table without using advanced search and call an action button that acts on that set of rows. For example: given a customer with unpaid bills (parent -> child) check one, some or all bills and call an action on them.

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Although there is no built-in way to do what you suggest, several reasonable options are described below.

Record Selection Options:

You could use one of the following methods to allow a user to select or queue appropriate records:

  1. Add a check box to the bill records, e.g. "Overdue". The check box is editable within the table grid, or
  2. Add an action button that queue's the current record to a separate table of overdue items.

Processing Options:

Once the records are selected you can use one of the following methods to process them:

  1. Add an action button to the customer table that directly processes the overdue records as previously selected, or
  2. Add an action button that prepares (populates) and starts a Wizard and navigates to that wizard.

Because these alternatives are simple and effective I am going to skip this feature request. Feel free to comment if you think of reasons why I should pursue this further.

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