How can I change the dbFront application URL.

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By default the dbFront application installs with a web application name of dbFront in the default IIS website.

How can I change the install URL that the user sees from:



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The cleanest solution is to create another IIS application and point it to the original physical path and application pool that was installed for dbFront.

Once tested, you can delete the original dbFront IIS application. Deleting an IIS application will not delete the source folder or the application pool.

The benefit of this solution is that it is simple and it means that you can still use the dbFront installer to update dbFront. All you need to remember, is to delete the "dbFront" IIS application after the upgrade because the installer will recreate it.

To create a new renamed application you should:

  • Right-Click on the "Default Web Site" and click "Add Application",
  • Set the Alias to the name of your choice, e.g. MyApplication,
  • Set the Application pool to "dbFrontPool",
  • Set the Physical path to "C:\inetpub\dbFront",
  • Click "OK" to save the application and test it out.

Once you have validated the new application, you can then Right-Click on the previous application and "Remove" it.

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