No local or network printers available within dbFront

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dbFront is supposed to be able to print to a printer connected to the server but none of the locally installed or networked printers are showing up.

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1) Make Printers Available via Settings

In order for a user to be able to select a printer, you first need to go into the dbFront settings, [Help] / [Settings] / [Printing], and select the printers that you want to allow.

IMPORTANT: It is crucial that you only select printers that don't prompt for user input.

Specifically, any PDF or XPS printer will try to prompt the user for the name of a destination file. dbFront can't capture or block this prompt with the result that the process will become locked up. To recover you would need to restart the Print Spooler and dbFront Service and disable the printer.

2) Check dbFront Service Printer Access

If some of the installed printers don't show up in the list in dbFront then you need to ensure that the user that is running the dbFront Service has the appropriate access. To check this you should:

  • Open the "Services" manager and look for the dbFront Service,
  • Right-Click and view the properties,
  • Switch to the Log On tab and check the account used.

If the account is Network Service, then dbFront should already have access to all of the printers. If the account is a custom network user then you need to login on the server as that user and verify that they have access to the necessary printers.

If you run into any further issue then please log an issue at [email protected] and we will help resolve this issue.

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