What is required to get dbFront to work in an iFrame

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I am running into issues while running dbFront in an iFrame.

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dbFront has been able to work in an iFrame since version

Since then, browsers have introduced ever more security features designed to block tracking cookies. These cookies were often loaded from hidden iFrames.

Unfortunately cookies are important to any web application that needs to securely manage session state.

Public Access

If you are simply using dbFront to provide Public / Read-Only access, then session state is not as important and in those cases dbFront can still function without further changes.

Authenticated Access

If Authenticated access is required, or if you need to allow users to Edit data then you will need to have your users update their browser settings to enable 3rd party cookies.

You should also upgrade to dbFront which includes enhanced cookie delivery functionality and the ability to detect and respond to blocked cookies.

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