Warning: The User List Was Truncated!

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When opening or refreshing the "Connection Access" dialog I see the message.

A user list of 127201 users and 55 groups was loaded.

What is the cause and what can be done about this.

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dbFront will download the user list in order to allow dbFront administrators to directly manage the dbFront access and avoid the creation of additional network security groups.

For smaller Active Directory installations (less then 100,000 users), this should work as expected.

For larger Active Directories or slower networks, the time to query the user-list can become excessive. To avoid problems, dbFront will truncate the user-list if the query takes longer then expected.

This problem can be solved in two ways.

1) Reduce the number of users returned.

dbFront has a number of settings that allow you to limit the total number of dbFront users.


2) Increase the Time-out when querying for users.

By default dbFront will allow a AD query to run for 120 seconds. After that dbFront will stop the request and return the what it has retrieved up to that point.

To increase the timeout you will need to edit the file [**C:\Program Files(x86)\dbFront\dbFrontService.exe.config**] and add the key.

 <add key="UserDomainTimeout" value="120" />

The value of the key is in seconds.

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