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It would be nice if, in addition to the Session Expiry option, there was a way to set an expiry time for record locks. Often, users will edit a record, then minimize dbFront with the record selected, preventing other users from editing that record. There's also been times where the record lock isn't cleared even when closing the browser entirely.

I don't want to lower the Session Expiry time as this would require users to keep logging back in throughout the day. A Record Lock Expiry option would allow the Session Expiry to remain high, and give the ability to specify a shorter time for record locks to clear - perhaps once the time elapses, the form would reset to what is displayed when a table is first loaded with no record selected. (i.e. the "Create New" form)

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Thank you Daniel for the suggestion.

If you can reproduce the scenario where dbFront fails to expire locks on browser close then that information would be very helpful.

A possible Lock Expiry implementation could be...

  • Setup an inactivity timer on records that have been locked that starts to visibly count down the moment it no longer sees activity on the form.
  • Tabs with an active record lock would keep their locks alive by pinging the server,
  • If the tab goes to sleep or is closed then the record lock would start to expire,
  • Records with expired locks would refresh from the server loosing all changes.
  • The Lock Expiry setting would be managed as part of the session settings.

NOTE: Please vote on this Feature Request if you also encounter these issues.

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