Ability to generate custom data driven read only layout.

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Since dbFront already has secure access to the database, it would be great if it could also be used to generate/populate custom data driven extracts.

For instance lets say we want to show data from a table in a form view instead of a grid. Maybe the front page of the intranet site where announcements could be displayed (paragraphs of data)...

The intention is that the output from dbFront could be imbedded using an iFrame or loaded into the current page via javascript.

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This would mean using dbFront as a templating engine. This is similar to how the quick reports are generated.

I would most likely implement this functionality by allowing public access to predefined reports and exports.

They could then be embedded as either downloads (xlsx, csv, pdf) or imbedded as HTML.

NOTE: Please vote on this Feature Request if it interests you.

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