Email Stored Procedure results or PDF Form after completion

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It would be great if dbFront could directly email the results of the Action Buttons [PDF Form, Run Procedure, etc..].

This would save the user from having to download the attachment, creating an email and then submitting it.

Allowing the user to optionally personalize the email body would also be important.

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dbFront already has email functionality built in so this would be a logical extension.

NOTE: Please vote on this Feature Request if it interests you.

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This is an ideal solution if you are already processing and formatting the data via stored procedure.   dbFront can even prompt the user for any custom email text prior to running the stored procedure.   This would not work for those cases where dbFront generates the report or PDF.  If dbFront is used to generate the output then we need another step that either saves that output to a field or table row, or dbFront needs to directly send that output itself.
Agreed.  I think it will depend on the complexity of the output and what you want to achieve.  If it's very pretty, with lots of tables and images then it would not be suitable solution and I think dbfront would have to handle it.

If it's a simple table, then sending via SQL could work.  I guess it depends on OPs requirements.
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