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So the issue I've come across with Quick Import.

I know required fields need to be present in the CSV upon import. But on the interactive web page UI I have hidden fields that would be required that will only display the required field if a certain checkbox is checked or another field dropdown populated with a specified value. If the checkbox is not checked or proper dropdown value selected they aren't viewable or required and I can save the record just fine.

But with the Quick Import it is erroring stating those hidden fields are required fields even though the trigger to display them is not defined in the CSV.

What could be a good workaround for this?

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Hello Chris, to be clear, these fields are only required in the UI and not at the database level?
Correct, the checkbox for the field is ticked on the webpage.  Allow Nulls is checked for those same fields on the SQL table.
Happen to have any ideas?

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The only solution is to create a managed import process.

Creating a managed import process is described here: Managed Batch Import

I had considered adding the option to ignore UI validation checks and possibly even database validation requirements but those would create further problems for the regular UI and messy error messages.

The best option is to import into a special import table that:

  • has no base validation checks,
  • matches the expected import data,
  • has a RunProcedure action button to process (validate/import) the data,
  • returns appropriate errors,
  • and pushes the data to the final table upon completion.

A full explanation and implementation is described at: Managed Batch Import

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