Error after upgrade: "Can't load lookup data for [foreign key] - Value can't be null" [closed]

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We tried to upgrade DBFront from to the latest. The installation went fine, but we got the following error on some tables:

"Can't load lookup data for [foreign key] - Value can't be null"

In a lot of cases where we didn't have lookup tables previously, we added them so that DBFront could generate dropdown tables for acceptable values. We did this in a quick and non-standard way - we left the values in the main table as is, got a distinct list of values, and created a new lookup table with this list. One of those values (for a number of tables) was null, which I assume is causing the problem above.

Is there a quick fix for this on your end (since this worked before), or will we need to create IDs and more proper lookup tables?


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Are the Null values intended to be valid lookup (JOIN) values?
Yes, they are.
Do the JOINS work?  Will the null records return on a regular JOIN?  What was the syntax used to create the relationship?
A helpful article that describes the problem:
Actually, I misspoke. I just noticed that instead of actual NULLs, we have a blank record in the lookup tables, though the main tables have NULLs. It seems like the old version of DBFront may have just ignored these? In any case, I can convert all the NULLs to blanks and try again.
Good to know.  I will check things out on my side.
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