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Is there any way to have an action button perform multiple actions?
We have a custom URL protocol that launches an external program. I would like to also record in the table when the button is pressed (i.e. when the program/URL is run). Any way to do that?

Edit: I see there's a new "Server Directed" output format being developed:
Might that be expanded to allow multiple action buttons to be "chained"?

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I changed this to a Feature Request and updated the Title to reflect the specific feature needed.

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As of dbFront, the Server Directed Stored Procedure output option can also accept the "OpenUrl" action.

The first parameter is the Url and the second parameter is the Target. dbFront will parse the output from the Stored Procedure and open the specified Url with the given Target.

The stored procedure must return

Action      Url                    Target
==========  =====================  ========
OpenUrl     Http://     NewTab

Valid options for the Target are: Redirect, Dialog or NewTab.

For more details see: Run Procedure

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That's great thank you Anthony. What do the different Target options mean? Does that relate to the Destination options on a standard open URL button?
Great question.  Makes me think I need to rename the values.   Those values are used by HTML links and Javascript to determine where to open the URL.   The issues is that those values only have meaning to web developers.   I think I may replace those values with something more generally meaningful.
NOTE: I compiling and testing the new release with this functionality now.
Ah ok. Clearly I am no web developer :)
This may be a separate feature request: Can Quick Report buttons be triggered this way? i.e., any way to run a Quick Report via URL?
A basic quick report can already be initiated directly by a stored procedure.  It is one of the output options.  Is that your use case?
Yes I believe that will do the trick, didn't realize you added that already. Will upgrade when the release is ready and try it out. Thanks!
@Daniel, I renamed the Target values.  I hope to release a new version soon.
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