Action button visibility - change to expression box instead of single Compare Field

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Action Button visibility is currently set by a single Compare Field dropdown. A freeform expression box (a la Row Security) would be much more flexible.

If there's multiple table fields I want to use to control button visibility, I've used a workaround of making a view with a boolean field that evaluates to true if all criteria are met, then using that view field as the button compare field.

However if I want to include a Profile field as part of the visibility criteria along with a table field, I don't see any way of doing that currently.

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Hello Daniel, your request makes sense and I will add it in a future version of dbFront.

One of the reasons for the current simpler version was to enable easier config and monitoring so that the visibility could dynamically update as other form fields changed.

A standard database expression would have to be database only.

The cost to build this feature is estimated at: $650 (USD)

NOTE: Please vote on or fund this Feature Request if it interests you.

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Thanks Anthony. Maybe there could be a way to choose Simple or Advanced.
If anyone else is interested in this feature request, I am open to splitting the $650 cost.
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