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We run into situations where e.g. a view column from another db is updated outside of dbFront, but dbFront users don't see the change until they refresh, either manually or as a result of some other action.

For example, new orders are entered in our ERP system. Or an existing order might be updated and marked as a "rush" order.
dbFront is set to display a list of orders, with "rush" order rows set to be sorted to the top and to be colored red via CSS.
Until the user refreshes, they don't see the new orders, or the new rush designations.

If there was a way to set dbFront to refresh automatically (as long as the user was inactive) that would be great.

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NOTE: On every table you can optionally disable caching.  This is specifically designed for lookup data that is updated outside of dbFront but will also help in other areas.

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This is a logical request and if there are no outstanding data changes then it should be quite reasonably to implement this change.

NOTE: Please vote on or Fund this Feature Request if it interests you.

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