Fixed: Can't work out the rules to explain the search functionality

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I’m trying to write out directions on how to use the search so everyone will be able to understand it. I’m struggling myself because sometimes you need the % and sometimes you don’t.

The table that is being searched in the main grid has >100,000 rows. The tables that are behind the drop downs have at most a few hundred.

Why is it that one dropdown box searches part of the name but the other doesn’t…

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This issue has been fixed in dbFront version

dbFront "intelligently" allowed for full like searches on tables smaller than 10,000 rows but forced you to specifically enter %keyword% when the tables were larger.​ I realized this was causing confusion.

The reason for this functionality is that doing a [LIKE "%keyword%"] search automatically forces your database to perform a full table scan. For small tables this is manageable by a decent database server. On larger tables this can cause significant performance issues.

This update to dbFront adds a setting where you the Admin can decide at what point users need to manually use the %keyword% syntax. The setting FullLikeRowLimit is found in the [Help] / [Settings] dialog under the service tab. See: Default Wildcard

In addition this release of dbFront is smarter about distributing the search across the various columns, some of which might be full-text indexed and others which might not be.

If you need your users to perform full-text searches on larger tables (1 million rows+) then you may want to enable Full-Text search.

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