Ability to send HTTP POST requests

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Our main ERP system (along with many other programs/services these days) has an API that uses HTTP POST requests to allow integrations with other programs.

Along with the new webrequest feature, this could open dbFront to a new level of integration with external resources.

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@Daniel, I knew this was coming ;)

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Adding HTTP Post functionality to the WebRequest functionality is a logical next step. I have already renamed WebGet to WebRequest.
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In case it helps anyone else... I found this code sample from Microsoft that adds GET/POST functionality to SQL Server with a CLR function/procedure.

It still would be better to have this functionality at the front-end to avoid consuming database server resources, but our load is light enough that it should work for now.

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Thanks for this suggestion.  It is even better because the database server can make the requests without any direct user involvement as different data events happen.
Fully agree that this is a good solution.  I've done similar to read/write files to disk, or to download/upload files via FTP/sFTP etc.
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