A new row does not appear in the lookup form

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We have a table that provides lookup values. When the user addeds a new entry they click the box and the rows of the table are displayed for selection. Very standard. We added a new row to add a new selectable option and the new row will not appear in the lookup. I have tried looking at the base table and it does show the new entry but it does not appear in the dropdown. I have also tried turning caching off on the table but still nothing.

is there a way force a refresh of the lookup table?

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To Cache or not to Cache, that is the question.

This issue is because dbFront attempts to use caching to improve the application responsiveness.

Therefore all lookup results are only refreshed if dbFront recognizes an update from within dbFront, or at the database (very slow), or periodically.

Disable Caching

If you know that a table will receive regular updates outside dbFront, then the best solution is to disable the caching.

There are two methods:

  1. Disable Server Lookup, and
  2. Change the table caching type.

For more details see:

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