Ability to Receive PDF Submit Requests

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I don't know how well this works but since dbFront can already populate, export and import PDF files, it would be super handy if dbFront could simply accept PDF Post requests as well.

The process I am imagining is:

  1. Create a custom PDF template with an embedded submit button using OpenOffice or Adobe,
  2. In dbFront, populate the PDF Form and lock certain key fields with client specific data/keys,
  3. Email the prepopulated PDF Form to a client/vendor for them to complete,
  4. The client/vendor fills in the PDF Form using a tool of their choice and simply hits the imbedded submit button.
  5. dbFront receives the request and loads the data running a validation procedure/trigger and starts the workflow.
  6. Office staff see the new data in their Todo List the next morning.

The link I am thinking of is Send PDF data to URL

That would make data collection so much more efficient. If the submit button in the PDF did not work then the client could simply email the completed PDF back and we could import it into dbFront using dbFront's import functionality.

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Possibly related - I've been trying to use an API that returns a pdf file as a "binary" (?) stream. MIME type is application/pdf. It would be super useful to have a button in dbfront that sends the request and opens/downloads the returned pdf. I don't know if this is possible to do via SQL stored procedure, so far I haven't figured out a way..
Is this a public API, something I can play with when I have some non-existent free time?
The ability to use a WebRequest action to download a PDF is finished.  See:

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