Ability to RECEIVE and process GET/REDIRECT requests

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This might seem out of scope for dbFront but the purpose would be to enable more complex integrations.

  • This might be for already authenticated users who are being redirected back to dbFront after some external processing by a 3rd party. e.g. Payment Provider or Authentication.
  • This could be for non-authenticated or anonymous links that perform a special lookup, security check or processing before allowing custom access.

The idea is to enable the crafting of a special URL that is processed by a stored procedure with the stored procedure returning a redirect URL after processing.

The procedure would be responsible for any validation and security.

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This feature was requested by a client and is available for input by anyone else that might be interested.

The idea is that dbFront would handle special GET or REDIRECT requests and pass the request to a stored procedure for further processing.


  • The URL would need to include the database key or name.
  • A special trigger such as ?action=process
  • A single handler procedure would need to be defined for each database.
  • The procedure can optionally handle multiple request types based on the URL contents.
  • Consider security considerations such as restricting source IP addresses.
  • Optionally redirect the user or strip the request from the URL.

NOTE: Please vote on the main feature (not this answer) or consider funding this Feature Request if it interests you.

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