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I've successfully set up dbFront as a webpage in Tableau so my end users can make updates to the backend data as needed. I'm trying to figure out a way to have selected data in Tableau be passed along in the URL as an advanced search rather than a quick search as described in Most of the time when the data needs to be updated a Mass Update is the preferred method but when using quick search that functionally is not available.

For example looking at pricing for a specific type of product in Tableau and I want to update the price for all bikes. So I would use a Tableau action to pass along the URL (https://server/dbfront/default.aspx?k=nb8mwbiw4ugt16dqednrrh4o1a&t=zsm7uhsmmdmeztczu9t4zeu81o&s=Bike) and filter the results to just bikes and mass update the price from there.

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That is an interesting request.   I am contemplating the following.   If the input to the search is a JSON formatted string then dbFront could assume that you are targeting specific fields and so it could be changed to use the advanced search.  Would that meet your need?  e.g.  s={"productType":"Bike"}
I can't seem to get that to work. Using the s={"productType":"Bike"} only puts that string into the quick search and comes back with no results.  It doesn't seem to be parsing anything, nor is it visible in the quick search bar until I try and add another advanced search.  When I try t=products#{"productType":"Bikes"} I get a single record but no other indication of how many other records there are.
Sorry for the confusion.  I was contemplating adding a feature to dbFront and asking if that would work.   That capability does not exist yet.  Edit: I updated the original comment to make my meaning more clear.
Ah, that makes much more sense now and that you moved it to a different section.  Yes, that would meet the needs.  Assuming if searching on multiple columns it would be comma separated?
Yes, multiple columns would be supported within the JSON request.

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