Error: "No Database connection access", How to login without Admin access?

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I can't connect to a database using a non-administrative user.

I get the error message: "No Database connection access".

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Before a Non-Administrative user can login to dbFront they must first be granted access by an Administrator.

This can be done in two different ways.

1) Admin Grants Access to a Connection

Normally an administrator will create a database connection and setup an application and then grant regular users access to that connection.

This means that the regular users will have only the access to that connection that the administrator has granted.

For more details see: Connection Access

2) Grant dbFront Admin access to specific user group

The second option is to setup dbFront so that a specific user group is also granted dbFront Admin access. Two extra access levels are available.

  • AdminAllGroup: These users will have the ability to create or administer all Database Connections. Local and Domain Administrators will automatically have this privilege.

  • AdminMyGroup: These users will have the ability to create or administer their own Database Connections.

For more details see: User Access Config

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