Can dbFront be hosted by Azure, GoDaddy, or Amazon AWS?

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What kind of hosting requirements does dbFront have? Can I host it in an ordinary webhost?

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dbFront can be hosted by using a VPS or VM plan. Plans that have at least 4 gig of ram and 2 cores are sufficient for most applications.

The regular Windows Web hosting packages are too locked down and limited to allow dbFront to run because dbFront is both a Web Application and a Windows Service.

The Windows Service maintains the application state and allows dbFront to run in the highly secure environments because the Web Application never has direct access to the database or authentication services.  In highly secure environments the Windows Service is installed on a separate server inside a protected network. See: Distributed Setup

Some vendors used by my clients are:

If you need help getting dbFront working in a VPS environment then let us know. We have already made this work for others.

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