Do a duplicates check during the CSV import

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I have 25,000 lines of data to import and I would like the dbFront CSV import to automatically manage the duplicate checks.

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There are three options when importing data:

  1. Use the dbFront Quick Import Wizard,
  2. Create an Import Batch Process in dbFront for managed imports,
  3. Import directly with your database-specific tools.

Depending upon the data complexity and your dbFront configuration, a CSV or Excel file with 25,000 records should import successfully using the Quick Import.

If the Quick Import tests out successfully then the recommendation is to use the Import Batch Process. This involves: 1) importing the data into a staging table using Quick Import, 2) and then processing and validating the data using a stored procedure.

Otherwise, I would suggest using the tools provided by your SQL server to import the data directly. That would be most appropriate if you have a very large amount of data that needs to be imported by administrators.

For SQL Server:

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