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Quick Imports

Quick Imports is a tool you can use to quickly import CSV or Excel (xlsx) data into a specific table.

The CSV or XLSX file must have a header row containing matching field names. The field names must match either the field captions or actual field names.

Once you select the file to import and click on the "Import" button then Quick Import will:

  • Verify that all required fields are present. (The quick import dialogue will specify the fields that are required),
  • Verify that the data types for the matching columns are valid,
  • and then proceed to the import.

Examples of uses include:

  • Importing a Paypal transaction export,
  • Importing contacts from an address database,
  • etc...

Quick Exports and Quick Imports can be paired to easily move data from one table to another.

Managed Batch Import

The Quick Import Wizard is both simple and powerful but it creates the risk that users could accidentally mess up their own data.

To manage these risks you can have your users import into a staging table.  For detailed instructions see Managed Batch Import.

Trouble Shooting

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