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On May 1st, dbFront prices will be adjusted to better reflect dbFront's value and help fund dbFront's continual improvement.
The new prices will be Pro 199, Enterprise 599 and Site 1199.

The licensing for dbFront is intended to be reasonable and won't hold you hostage.  This means that all purchased licenses are non-expiring and come with a year of support and updates.







  Free Free 199 599 1199
Expiry 30-day No expiry No expiry No expiry No expiry
Databases 1
Objects 7 tables
Users 7 100
Views 1 3
PDF Forms   1
Single Sign-on Yes     Yes Yes
Support 30 days Q/A Site 1 year 1 year 1 year
Webservers 1 1 1 1 3
License Type Server Server Server Server Site
  Download Download Purchase Purchase Purchase
* Canadian Pricing converted for your convenience.


Site License

The features of a Site License are:

  • Receive a single Site License key tied to a Major Version of dbFront and Email Address.
  • The new Site License allows for three concurrent installs.
  • Unlimited reinstalls of dbFront as you replace or migrate Physical or Virtual Machines.
  • You are responsible for remaining compliant with the number of licenses purchased.

In comparison to a Site license,  Regular Pro and Enterprise licenses can only be transferred to another server with our help since the license keys are server-specific.  A single server transfer is permitted for Pro and Enterprise licenses.

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