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The licensing for dbFront is intended to be reasonable and won't hold you hostage.  This means that all purchased licenses are non-expiring and come with a year of support and updates.







  Free Free 149 449 899
Expiry 30-day No expiry No expiry No expiry No expiry
Databases 1
Objects 7 tables
Users 7 100
Views 1 3
PDF Forms   1
Single Sign-on Yes     Yes Yes
Support 30 days Q/A Site 1 year 1 year 1 year
Webservers 1 1 1 1 3
License Type Server Server Server Server Site
  Download Download Purchase Purchase Purchase
* Canadian Pricing converted for your convenience.


Site License

The features of a Site License are:

  • Receive a single Site License key tied to a Major Version of dbFront and Email Address.
  • The new Site License allows for three concurrent installs.
  • Unlimited reinstalls of dbFront as you replace or migrate Physical or Virtual Machines.
  • You are responsible for remaining compliant with the number of licenses purchased.

In comparison to a Site license,  Regular Pro and Enterprise licenses can only be transferred to another server with our help since the license keys are server-specific.  A single server transfer is permitted for Pro and Enterprise licenses.

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