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Ulf T (June 2018)

Great webfront to our databases!  Been looking for something like this for a long time when I found Dbfront. It does everything I need and a lot more!

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Jamie H (May 2018)

Great product for a low price vs the competition.

dbFront has been a crucial piece in my push to redesign the way our engineering department views and updates test data across our worldwide SQL footprint. The support team is always extremely responsive to any issues I've run into and typically has a resolve for me very quickly. Not only is it easy to use, but our engineering team LOVES it compared to the homebrew tool they were using before to view/update/query test data.

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Kevin Woodbrey (Feb 2018)

The most outstanding aspect of dbFront is their customer service and response time to problems and new features. They have shown that it is possible to provide an excellent product and great customer service at an affordable price point.

Our company provides IT services to the SMB market. Most of our customers are extremely cost conscious . In order to provide them with high quality functional software for database access we chose dbFront and MySQL backend. In combination with MySQL Workbench we have provided new database structures and access to old databases using dbFront in a minimum of time and effort.

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Kevin Smith (Feb 2018)

Only just started using this but it's very easy to use and if there are any issues the support is fantastic. Looking forward to getting more in depth with the programme.

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Alex Abbott (Dec 13, 2017)

A very quick and efficient means to put a front end on a database

Our team is working on data warehousing solutions and we have moved to a model where each department gets their own datamart. This means many databases all needing to share standards and best practice. We tried putting an Access front end on the process but quickly gave up seeing how complex and time consuming it was. DB Front, on the other hand, was installed and working within 30 minutes and has gone from strength to strength.

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Kevin Wendlandt (Sept 2017)

The application is easy to install, fits within out supported platforms, easy to configure, and the support is awesome. This has been the app we've been looking for and needed for many years!

We have a ton of user maintained tables. The majority of them are small custom mappings to group data in a different way for reporting purposes. Our previous solution was to have users load excel files and replace the reporting table with the contents of the excel file. The majority of users could not keep the formatting consistent and constantly required intervention to get the data loaded. With this application the users and the db admins are happy!!

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Joe Hutchings (May 24, 2017)

Where has this been all my life?!

This is one of the easiest to roll out software packages I've ever used. Extremely useful to capture data into an actual database. Before DbFront, my users liked to create hundreds of spreadsheets or customized Access databases. Now we can centralize everything on our SQL Server which is backed up, and standardized

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Jennifer Marcum (Dec 29, 2016)

We Finally Found the Best Fit!

Our goal was to make our data available to all Internet Users for searching, displaying, sorting and printing/exporting to CSV or PDF - - really what you would think would be a simple project. It turned out to be quite the daunting task. dbFront and their Team has changed all of this for us. We are finally able to utilize the data from our SQL database, displaying the records from within our website, using dbFront's web application and features.

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Colin Graham (Nov 21, 2016)

Excellent - It's what the database community has been looking for for years!

I needed dbFront because although I am an experienced database designer/developer my user interface development skills are sadly way out of date. dbFront allows me to provide a standardized front end for my users to maintain and report on their data. The support I have received from the dbFront team has been excellent.

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Al Belmondo (Jun 29, 2016)

Great product.. Needed assistance connecting to my domain and azure and support was awesome. Software is an excellent solution for a quick way to have a front end to your DB.

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