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Good Enough is Great!

dbFront excels in the ability to quickly and economically bring simple web applications to life.  Applications built in dbFront start life with a powerful and solid set of default functionality     The primary trade-off is that dbFront intentionally lacks the ability for super deep customization.  This means that systems created using dbFront quickly get you to a point of "Great!" with the hope that this is good enough

Below we will look at the categories of web applications for which dbFront is uniquely suited.

The Impractical

One of the specific voids that dbFront attempts to fill, is to enable applications that would otherwise never be built. Some examples are:

  • the applications for which there is insufficient ROI,
  • the applications for which there is insufficient budget,
  • the applications that are needed now and not later.

Most businesses are willing to spend a day on an idea that looks promising but beyond that serious budgeting considerations need to be worked through.  All of the above application categories are ideal candidates for dbFront because with dbFront it can only take about 30 minutes or less to stand up a web application based on an existing database.  This means that it is feasible for a DBA or Analyst to:

  • have a conversation with a client,
  • cobble together an initial ERD,
  • build a database and finally,
  • show the client a working application using dbFront before the day is over.  

Even better, because dbFront builds it's UI dynamically, there is every opportunity to continue building on the initial database structure in an iterative fashion.

Because the licensing, capital costs and development time with dbFront are so low, systems that would have been considered impractical are now possible.

In addition, even if it is determined that dbFront is not a good final tool, then little is lost because all of the analysis and design can be carried forward into the final solution.  In this case dbFront would have served the purpose of a uniquely functional prototyping tool.

The Changeable

Lots of effort is spent creating web applications that can respond reasonably to anticipated business changes.  This is because changing applications in mid stream is risky and expensive.

dbFront is intentionally designed to make many common changes trivial.  Creating, changing, or removing fields.  Adding new relationships and moving fields around.  dbFront takes all of these changes and more, in stride. It also does its best to reuse any preferences you might have previously saved.

The Unknown

Sometimes you just have no idea what the final solution will look like.  You just know that you have data you want to collect or maintain.

In those cases, start with what you know and add the rest as you gain a better idea of what needs to be done.

dbFront will do its best to stay out of the way and allow you to change things as needed.

Where dbFront is not suitable

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