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Free Database Applications

We are working on a series of fully functional and free sample database applications.

Depreciation Calculator

Our Depreciation Calculator application was created to test out ChatGPT and demonstrate using stored procedures to run calculations and return reports.  A pivot table is used to show the year-over-year depreciation.   For more details see: Depreciation Calculator

Expense Reporter

Our Expense Reporter application demonstrates the advanced topics of Workflow and Auditing.  For more details see: Expense Reporter

Custom Design

If you have an idea for a good Sample Database we would be happy to design it to meet your needs.*  This would be an interactive process that moves from defining the objects through to finally testing the database for functionality and integrity.

  • Define database purpose,
  • Determine requirements via supporting documents, e.g. Invoices, Forms...
  • Define objects and relationships,
  • Define attributes, keys and constraints to support the objects and relationships,
  • Ensure that all tables are correctly normalized to ensure integrity and maintainability,
  • Create the database for the target DBMS (MySQL, SQL Server or Oracle)
  • Set up dbFront to enable the final testing and validation.
  • Create initial reports.

We intend to make these freely designed database templates available as teaching aids for the general database and dbFront communities.

If you want to take us up on this offer, please contact us below for availability.

Try dbFront for Free

dbFront offers a 30-day free trial so that you can download, install and test it in your environment.  After the trial you can continue to use the FREE version of dbFront for up to 3 users.  Please review the video tutorials and plan to start a free trial today.  We believe you will be impressed.

* This offer depends upon availability and only once per user or organization.   If the analysis session exceeds 10 hours we may ask that the remainder of the work is billed at the rate of 35 per hour.

* Canadian Pricing converted for your convenience.


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