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Custom Development

We deal with two different types of custom development requests.

Feature Requests

dbFront core improvements are billed at 25 per hour or 50% of the cost of regular custom development.

We have a strong preference for adding functionality to the dbFront core because we know that it improves the value of dbFront for everyone.  To see a list of existing feature requests available for funding see: Suggested Features.

Custom Development

Custom development consists of any work that is beneficial to a single or very few dbFront clients.  Custom development is normally billed at 50 per hour.  Examples are:

  • Custom Database Design & Development,
  • Custom Reports,
  • Graphical Design,
  • Custom Plugins or extended functionality.

We make a point of examining custom development requests to see if we can pull out valuable new dbFront features, thereby reducing your immediate and long term costs.

Use Your Referral Credits!

Yes! You can fund all or part of your development requests with your referral credits!  Each referral credit can pay for an hour of Feature Request development or half an hour of Custom Development.  For more details see: Referral Credits

* Canadian Pricing converted for your convenience.



For more details or to get a quote, please use the form below or send an email to: [email protected].

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