Fixed: Can't load attachment, CacheExpired error

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I'm experiencing an error when trying to add a new record in a subtable through dbFront. When I try to 'Save Changes' I receive the following error message;

'Can't load attachment, CacheExpired'.

Could I please get some more info on this error, and how to avoid it/fix it if it does happen?

Many thanks.

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Getting the same error, commenting to get notification
Which version of dbFront are you using?

I downloaded and installed dbFrontSetup_1.0.7.3902.exe today

Hey Anthony, I'm using version Also, this error only happens on some subtables, definitely not all. Could it be to do with a change in the DB that hasn't been communicated to dbFront's cache?
Thanks for the heads-up and details.   Please send an email to [email protected] with your log file.   You can find log files in c:\logs\dbFrontService.  That should help me get to the root of this issue.
Done! Thanks Anthony.

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This bug has been fixed in dbFront version

The initial intention was to back port the fixes to the 1.0.7 branch we but decided against doing that. Fixing this bug properly in the 1.0.7 branch would have required back porting a significant portion of the 1.0.8 version changes which would not make sense.

If you are affected by this bug then please upgrade to the latest version of dbFront 1.0.8.

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